News for 9/2020

Training Restarting at Hackney Rugby
Photo of Shaun Rooke

Shaun Rooke

From Saturday 10th April we'll be restarting training at Spring Hill Sports Ground (E5 9BL) at 11am, training will be every Saturday at this time and place for both male and females until further notice. New players are welcome but please contact prior to attending due to Covid-19 regulations. Changing rooms and shared water bottles won't be available so please come changed ready and with your own water bottles. We'll be gradually reintroducing contact rugby over the weeks after the long lockdown

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Club Statement on trans women in Rugby

Following the recent news that World Rugby are considering banning trans women from playing women’s rugby - Hackney RFC have undertaken a period of education and team-wide discussion amongst the affected teams and make the following statement: "We oppose any blanket ban of trans women playing grassroots rugby. We pride ourselves on placing inclusivity at the heart of our game, team and club. It is our view that the current data available is inconclusive and does not provide any information regarding actual injuries, their cause and how trans players have impacted grassroots women’s rugby. We therefore call on World Rugby to fund more research which will help us to continue to develop rugby as safely as possible for ALL players.

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