We are pleased to annouce that the proceeds from September's London 10s tournament sponsored by Attic Self Storage have gone towards the Lesotho Rugby Academy to contine providing education through Rugby coaching programmes in Lesotho

About the programme

The Lesotho Rugby Academy is a charity programme run through Dolen Cymru (the Wales-Lesotho Link), a registered charity in the UK, in partnership with the Federation of Lesotho Rugby (“FLR”). The FLR tries to tie in the Academy to its wider rugby activities, notably through running training sessions for teachers. 

The Academy programme was launched in October 2014 and is a series of 10 rugby training sessions run in schools. Each week, our coaches work with approximately 20 girls and 20 boys from the school to introduce the kids to rugby. In partnership with the FLR we are developing the sport at the grass-roots level and ensuring the players of the future are more experienced when representing club or country. More importantly, each session includes important lessons in key social and health issues such as HIV, healthy diets, smoking, drinking and gender equality. Through these lessons we emphasise our three key pillars - commitment, communication and respect. The message: being a rugby player means living a responsible life, responsible on and off the field. 

For more info, visit: http://www.waleslesotholink.org/lesotho_rugby_academy

Through fundraising in 2015, Hackney raised enough money for the Lesotho Rugby Academy to send its coach out to five new schools in the Maseru area (Mabote Primary School, Maseru LECSA Primary School, Mapetla High School, Maseru Day School, and Mapetla Primary School). 

At each school, coach Roy Zhou worked with 20 girls and 20 boys between the ages of 10 and 15 to introduce them to rugby. The sessions took place between August and October 2015. Each session also contains an educational component that uses the power of sport to impress the importance of living a healthy and responsible lifestyle. Kids are taught about healthy diets, gender equality and, in a country where 1-in- 4 adults are HIV+, the importance of a responsible sex-life. Thanks to the generosity of Hackney Rugby Club and its members, over 200 more of Lesotho’s children graduated our programme in 2015.

The money raised at the London 10s tournament will be used to return to the schools we have visited over the last two years and work with the next Lesotho Rugby Academy intake. On behalf of the kids we’ll be working with over the next 3 months, a massive thank you again.