2012/13 Pre-season training will start for both Men & Women on Monday 8th July 2013 at Springhill Sports Ground. It will consist of 9 weeks of fun & active training split over 2 days; Mondays & Wednesdays. Training shall run from 7:30 to 9pm.

The schedule:

  •  Week 1 to 3 Rugby specific fitness, conditioning & fun games.
  •  Week 4 & 5 Game plan introduction & Fitness.
  •  Week 6 to 9 Game Plan Specifics Drills, practices, Fitness, analysis and reviewing.

There will also be 2 social bonding sessions; one at the end of week 3 (27th/28th July) and one at the end of week 7 (24th/25th August). Both involving team building exercises during the Day and social in the afternoon evening, One at Spring Hill Hackney, 1 away Day. Futher details on these days will follow.

Currently pre-season friendly fixtures for the First, Development, Thirds and Ladies teams have been arranged on the 31st August against Old Streetonians. 

Training breakdown:

Week 4: 2 white board sessions will be held for 45 mins. These will be used to run through the basic strike patterns to be utilised by all teams.

Week 5: all players to run through Backs related moves for half the session and forwards related moves for the other half. This is to ensure that everyone understands all moves in the playbook. 30 mins at both sessions allocated to fitness.

Week 6 & 7: Players from each team will split into groups to focus on elements of the play book. 30 mins at each session allocated to fitness.

Week 8: Game related practical testing based on the club's playing philosophy and individuals' match related understanding to be conducted after fitness test under pressure.

Week 9: Analysis - fault spotting and fault correcting of pre season friendly. Review of pre-season & first quarter team target planning and implementing with coaches.

Every night to be completed with 100 passes of both hands in groups of 3 under fatigue.


Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please contact Gareth on directorofrugby@hackneyrfc.co.uk or Darren Griffin on emperor@hackneyrfc.co.uk