Running a marathon has long been a dream of mine and I am finally stepping up to the plate by running the London Marathon in a few weeks time. I am running for Kith and Kids which is a charity that helps combat social exclusion in children with learning disabilities and in particular autism.

Often with these types of disabilities, social interraction isn't a given - it isn't easy or natural when you struggle to understand other people's behaviour towards you or are unsure of the correct response you are meant to give back. A huge number of these children often have other physical and sensory impairments too which can, given their young age, cause them to be ostracized from their classmates. 

I would appreciate it if you would sponsor my run and help this charity reach out to and impact more young children. It's a small charity so we can make a big difference. You can find out more about Kith and Kids here and you can support by donating on my fundraising page here. As you'll notice if you visit my page, I'm a bit of a novice at fundraising so it'd be great if you can find the time to give a few quid. 

Tonight (4th April) I will be taking part in a Pub Quiz Night with my local squash club. Myself and two other members will be running so tonight's proceeds will be split three ways. There is a raffle and quiz with booze and squash prizes up for grabs. It would be great if any of you are interested in bringing a team. It is at the Howl At The Moon pub in Hoxton, which can be found here, in between Kingsland Road and Shoreditch Park. It starts at 7.30. 

Hope to see you there!