It’s just 3 weeks until Hackney men’s pre-season begins on July 12th commencing 7.30 at Springhill and just six weeks until the women’s training begins on August 2nd. The emphasis throughout the sessions will be on core skills and scenario play in order to build on the attacking rugby that was the trademark of last season. Throughout the season every Tuesday will see a 90-120 minute session take place as in previous years with Springhill playing host. For the eight weeks following Christmas, once again, we will be utilising the 3G pitch at Mabley Green to avoid the muddy conditions.

Director of Rugby Fred Pentecost explained there would be an enlarged training programme: “we’ve introduced fortnightly Thursday sessions to try and specialise with the various squads more. There will be an invitational session for the 1st team squad, in order to work on patterns of play and prepare thoroughly for matches based on player selection. This is something which isn’t possible on a Tuesday, due to time constraints. These sessions will alternate with a more general open session for those in the 2nd and 3rd team squads. Within these sessions we will provide specialised coaching in areas of the game that need development, looking to progress patterns of play, unit skills & game awareness. We’re working on a club ‘play-book’ following feedback from the players to standardise the way we play and the calls we use. The aim is to achieve an open pathway between squads for all players. The later start for the Gladies reflects the fact their first ever league campaign begins later than the men’s fixtures begin and gives us the opportunity to utilise Morgan Whitlock’s extensive knowledge with the men’s squad for three sessions before welcoming back a bit of glamour to Springhill.”

Please read the Monday emails from Club Captain Darren Griffin which will give an outline of the upcoming session(s) for that week. Any feedback from sessions is more than welcome, along with thoughts on where training should look to focus. Comments and insight should be directed to Ben Scanlan.