Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in the Hackney 1000 on Saturday. It was a brilliant day. There was a god turn out from the club, especially the Gladies, and without the efforts of Hackney RFC the day wouldn't have happened. Special thanks have to go to Ollie Relph, James Dawson, James Hardwick, Ollie Hart, Mick Ryan, Rob Baker and AJ. Thanks fellas.

So far we've raised over £3,000. Hackney Quest are over the moon. But if you haven't sponsored your team-mates, or ran and didn't send out a fundraising link, you still can: www.justgiving.com/hackney1000

For me, the most pleasing part of the day was the way the young people and other volunteers got involved. The club has an amazing and open spirit, and we carried that over to the day. Seeing Quest's kids put in their stints on the rowing machines, the St. John's Ambulance staff getting up on those bikes (bikes we only secured at 9.30 that morning having been let down because of the efforts of Mr's Hardwick and Dawson) and everyone smiling all day suggests we've started something that can go on to become really special in the years ahead.

For the record, no one came close to Rob Baker over 10km (not even the confident young Mr Joseph), Genevieve Barr dominated the Gladies 10km (although with half the competition doing a pint a lap I'm not surprised) and Dom and Val won hero of the day for their 40km stints.


The London Fields Triathlon Club were also terrific, and you can expect to see more of them (especially you Gladies) in preseason. Thanks go to Club Captain Seb Balcombe who helped get the turn out up and set up on the day.


And to Karl Secker at GLL, who got a random phone call at 9am on Saturday morning and rather than offer an excuse or hang up put in the effort to help us out and was the only reason we had any cycling machines on the day. Amazing.

You can see Ollie's pictures of the day here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hackneyrfc/sets/72157626890246156/

So again, Thanks and Well Done.