A little less than 3 weeks ago Hackney RFC received a call asking us to step in and host a young man who was travelling from Trinidad and whose existing plans had fallen through. In no time the club's playing and coaching staff had volunteered enough spare rooms and sofas to host a whole team, and for the best part of 2 months the club is really proud and excited to be introducing Agboola Silverthorn to rugby and life in London.

Agboola, or Jack, is one of Trinidad & Tobago's brightest rugby prospects. After captaining the U19 T&T representative side at the Caribbean Championships this year, Jack went on to make his senior debut for the national 7s side at the North American and Carribean Championships. The side finished as Plate winners. 

He's travelling to the UK hoping to experience a well structured and organised coaching, fitness and playing environment. The hope isn't just that Jack will return a better player, but that he will become a champion for the game back home in Trinidad and Tobago. Those who've worked so hard to pay for his airfare (the cost of sending Jack to the UK is equivalent to an average annual wage in his community) are hoping he can set an example for other young men to follow, showing that gangs, guns, drugs and crime are not the only way to be somebody, earn a living and get respect. 

Hackney RFC are really pleased to have Jack staying with us, and the club is proud of the response from it's members that made it possible. We're also really grateful to Helen Clayton at Premiership Rugby, Max Malkin at Hitz, Gordon Banks at Saracens, James Cooper at the RFU, Rosslyn Park RFC and everyone else who is helping to make his stay here as special as possible.