The Committee


Photo of John Young

John Young


Photo of Shaun Rooke

Shaun Rooke


Photo of Anthony Joseph

Anthony Joseph

Executive Chairman

Photo of Alex O'Hara

Alex O'Hara

Exec Treasurer

Photo of Matt Hanton

Matthew Hanton

Senior Chair

Photo of Ollie Relph

Oliver Relph

Web Officer

Photo of Veronica Malaszewski

Veronica Malaszewski

Club Captain

Photo of Dave Lewis

David Lewis

Senior Tresurer

Photo of Lowri Pugh

Lowri Pugh

Fixture Secretary

Photo of Amy Powell

Amy Powell

Social Secretary

Photo of Kieran Murray

Kieran Murray

Social Secretary

Photo of Cian Murphy

Cian Murphy

Special Events and International Tickets

Mary Impey


Photo of Emily Lang

Emily Lang

Discipline officer


Photo of Ben Sudell

Ben Sudell

Mens 1st team captain

Photo of Beth Patterson

Beth Patterson

Ladies Captain

Photo of Ricardo Dubery

Ricardo Dubery

Mens 2nds team captain

Photo of Chris Reay

Chris Reay

Mens 3rds team captain

Photo of Darren Griffin

Darren Griffin

4th team captain

Photo of Kathryn Kallend

Kathryn Kallend

Ladies 2nd team captain

Photo of Guy Watmore

Guy Watmore

Mens 1st team vice captain


Photo of Morgan Whitlock

Morgan Whitlock

Coaching co-ordinator

Photo of Steve Wagstaff

Steve Wagstaff

Ladies Head Coach

Photo of Amy Turner

Amy Turner

Mens Head Coach

Joe Mbu

Assistant Coach - Mens teams