A baby, a (very kind) babysitter and 12 men successfully made the treacherous journey to Harpenden for the midday kick off against Fullerians. Four others somehow predicted that we couldn’t actually get on the pitch to warm up until midday, and subsequently arrived bang on time.

Truth be told it was not the usual Griffins team which takes to the field, captain Mills and coach Turner were two of many unavailable. But a team was put together courtesy of captain for the Ben Suddell’s Alcatel and spirits were high as Charlie King got us underway. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only time Scotland’s finest kicked off.

There was certainly no lack of effort from the Hack, tackles were flying in and loose balls were treated with more allure than a bottle of hand wash. Ultimately it was a game dominated by the Fullerians scrum, I was reliably informed (whilst on the wing pondering if Fullerians would ever get bored of scrums) that their front row was impressive, and they certainly made this their main attacking weapon.

So if structured play was not on the cards for us, unstructured play is what James “Leggy” Legg delivered. Whilst your correspondent craftily ran the ball off the pitch awarding the hosts an attacking lineout 10 metres out, Leggy was poised.

The lineout was taken quickly by the opposition winger, but Leggy reacted first, got to it before the intended recipient and up-field he went. Whilst most players on the pitch didn’t understand what happened, Ben Chamberlain at least knew enough to get up in support. With the full-back to beat, Leggy passed and the rest is history.

Chamberlain keeps up his record of a try and in every season, and the Fullerians winger is no doubt being punished with more scrum watching as I speak.

That score brought it to 15-7, but it was as good as it got. A bright start to the second half didn’t yield any points, a Rob Heighway break and kick ahead the nearest we got, and Fullerians’ dominance was reflected in the 42-7 final score.

Memorable moments include Ricardo Duberry’s Air Jordan impression for an intercept and King’s incredible try saving tackle on the line.

Man of the Match – Ed Waters