Thanks to Marlow for welcoming us for a very challenging, epic day of rugby in the rain. Immediately it became clear that Marlow were a strong team, who were very persistent in attack and Hackney did exceptional defence for the first half to relentlessly protect our try line and keep the score line 0-0 by half time. Particular shout out for Shannen (Back of the match) for her incredible defence throughout this time - putting in a lot of big hits, and Aine (Forward of the Match) who had a really confident game, making a number of strong carries and working exceptionally hard throughout the game on lots of rucks.

In the second half we really struggled to make ground and Marlow worked hard to earn 2 tries. We made a great effort to change tactics and focus on fast balls - thanks to Emma Middleton and Jody for their leadership with this, and consistency in keeping everyone focussed. Overall our defence stayed really strong, and we had nice clean hands, but it was very hard to break the game line thanks to Marlow’s super tight defence! 

Overall a great improvement on our last performance from the backs, with clean hands in very challenging conditions, and super strong defence across the board. Really impressive to have such high energy levels from everyone in the Hackney team, focus and determination despite the cold and score line. We really kept our heads in the game and kept pushing until the final minute!