On the surface London Scottish's Caledonian roots seemed to be name alone, their lineup littered with those who appeared of pacific island heritage. Including the center who was exactly as wide as he was tall, the prop who loved commando crawling to score tries and the no. 8 who declared in one overheard team talk that Hackney "weren't even proper rugby players"

Sixty one points was a lot of points to score in one game, an exceptional amount of points for not proper rugby players. Like any feat of this nature, it was built on solid foundations, the base in this case was committed defending. After Paul Nash finished off a flowing team move and James Austin pounced to steal possession subsequently from a cleaver kick through both to nab a tries on debuts, the Gargoyles spent a large portion of self imposed time in their own 22 listening to the referees whistle for penalties against them. Despite huge hits from Paul Nash, Xavier Brune and Spencer Elliott the away side couldn't regain the ball and the sheer number of infringements led to a yellow card for captain Ricky Duberry, for pretty much the same infringement as his previous 3 yellow cards. Ricky takes pride in pointing out he still thinks his dive through a ruck at the scrum half routine is a legal move and he has less yellow cards than Matt Strong this season, as though being 2nd out of 100s of players for club in this category is something to be proud of.

The Hack resolute defense ensured the Scots had to work for their first half tries though, and an Alex Lee score after he looped round to collect a Charlie King offload gave Hackney a commanding half time lead. One of the only disappointing moments was Neil Cunningham answering the question of "Is their anything less dignified than trying to fly hack the ball, missing, then falling over?" with the answer "Yes, having the ball immediately kicked in your face by a team mate." With the hard work done, the second half became one way traffic with Xavier and Alex Lee directing expertly from half back. Felipe stepped inside to cap off try of the day in a move that was started by a Alex Mills break and went through nearly all 15 hands in the build up, this was the cherry on top of fine display from the Portuguese playmaker who was 7 from 8 off the kicking tee. Although it was later agreed people's favorite tries belonged in the forwards, weather it being Tom Addenbrooke's expert line in midfield which saw him canter in from 20 yards completely untouched, Ricky's burst through three attempted tackles to score from 40 yards away or Harvey Pym's rhino like charge from short range. The rampaging East London front 8 were popping up all over the park.

All in all, not bad for a team of not proper rugby players