On a glorious sunny January day we took a lively coach trip to Rams RFC for a game of full XVs. Immediately it was clear both teams were well matched, and in the first 10 minutes the ball was heavily contested with both sides in possession but making very little ground. Throughout our defence was very strong, and there was good communication between players. The forwards did a cracking job and the scrum was super strong, and there were some awesome runs by the backs who worked hard in the second half to get depth. Also a shout out to Emma Middleton who stepped up to be scrum half and put in a solid shaft working hard to get the ball in a lot of challenging rucks. Whilst our defence was consistently strong when we were in attack we really struggled to keep hold of the ball, as we had some poor passes, and conceded a lot of penalties for being offside or holding on on the ground.

Congrats to Forward of the Match Abi for a beautiful pick-and-go try and generally being a very decisive and communicative key player who made a number of good runs. Also to Back of the Match Rosie who (in her second ever game of rugby!) had extraordinary runs, consistently breaking the game line by streaking through gaps in Rams' defence.

Overall we really enjoyed the match - thank you Rams for being such great sports - there's a lot to work on, but faced with a lot of position changes (many, many minor injuries including one full face nose bandage for Beth) we had a great game and the team atmosphere and work ethic did Hackney proud.