Get a team bus they said, its an efficient means of transporting 18 rugby players they said, everyone will be on time they said...

We were not on time!

The Gladies (miraculously) were on time, the bus is however was in canary warf ...

Maybe the extra time for everyone to get another coffee helped us, we will never know.

Eventually the squad arrived (45 minutes behind schedule) at Woodbridge RFC located on the Suffolk Coast. Waiting for the Gladies was a very angry Steve.

The brief warm up meant a bit of a slow start for Hackney who were perhaps still napping on the bus, or perhaps this is just classic Hackney rugby, we will never know.

The first half wasn't great, despite being up by 27 at the half and spending 38 minutes in the Woodbridge end we were making things most more difficult then they needed to be.

A few Haribo at the half and some "inspirational" words at the half seemed to sort us out however and the Gladies began to put into action everything learned at pre-season. Some big carries from front row players opened up space for a couple different try scorers and the offloads finally started to go to hand. It was clear that a good level of fitness was benefitting the hackney side who by the end of the match were scoring tries for fun.

Get a bus they said, it's lots of fun on the way home they said, you wont have any regrets on Monday morning ....

Thank you to Woodbridge for being excellent hosts and for playing in the true spirit of rugby!

Forward of the Match: #2 Kate Davidson (excellent at downing a pint)

Back of the Match: #10 Justine Despins (mediocre at downing a pint)