The much anticipated Hackney Gladies double header at Spring Hill just so happened to be one of the warmest days in September .. the stage for an excellent afternoon was set.

Hackney kicked off and it was immediately evident that the Lakenham Ladies were not going to go down without a fight, neither however were the Gladies. In rare Hackney fashion we were ready to go from the start and despite a couple solid carries from LH it was Hackney who would score first.

The trio of Ehi, Jessie and Amber put on a true master class of how to score around the outside and before half Hackney were up 40 odd points, despite about 12 minutes of defending inside our own half.

The second half saw Hackney continue to light up the score board with 5 different try scorers in the game. Fitness and strong handling skills proved to be assets on this very warm September afternoon.


Forward OTM: Ella

Back OTM: Vanessa