A synopsis of the season in 80 minutes, the Hackney highlights existed but were very brief (more on that later) and the Gargoyles seemed to spend 90% of game defending.

The main bit of light relief on this day was the presence of former Hackney player Ed Clarke gradually put together a dick of the day performance for the opposition which was a popular decision and well received by the home side. The game mainly consisted of H&F keeping hold of possession until they either scored or Ed sprayed a kick directly into touch or over the dead ball line (sorry Ed), it occasionally became a scrappy affair with both veteran scrum halfs growing visibly frustrated with the referees interpretation of the breakdown laws. Ricky Duberry completed his first ever game without conceding a penalty which was either an indication of the "anything goes" refereeing approach or a sign that Ricky has suddenly changed his ways. I'll leave the reader to make their own mind up on that one.

All scoring opportunities were squandered until late in the 2nd period when Hackney set up a ruck around the half way line, while the ball was still being recycled PJ Lloyd looped around the corner and whispered to his half back "a little chip kick". Well, I though, a little chip the man wants. So a chip kick is what he will get (Coach Carroll was probably yelling something about patient phase play rugby at the time but I tend to ignore all of his instructions). The kick flew 20 yards and found the green grass and then the random bounce of the egg took over, the god of the random egg shaped bounce was kind to PJ on this occasion and without breaking stride he collected the pill. So there was just the full back to deal with, he sized up PJ, and in that split second concluded that the man's try scoring abilities had been blunted by fatherhood and by showing him the outside there was no chance of him scoring. How wrong he was, seven points to Hackney