Player Ratings:

1.    Dave Bates: benefits of having someone younger than Mike Waithe in the front row were clear.  8/10. 


2.    Ed Waters: first ever Hackney hooker capable of throwing properly.  9/10

3.    Matthieu Arneguy: arguably one of France’s better rugby players. 8/10 

4.    Jack Lidyard: pushed very hard. 8/10.

5.    Lawrence Homewood: see 4.  Bonus point for unexpectedly competent give and take for Hackney’s try. 9/10.

6.    Nic Greger: passive aggressive.  8/10. 

7.    Fraser Barr: late. 8/10. 

8.    Neil Cunningham: can still carry a ball.  9/10. 

9.    Shaun Rooke: escaped now customary mockery by Coach Chris. Subbed himself to keep his girlfriend company.  7/10. 

10.Rich Mills: kicked it far, even into a strong wind.  Sometimes too far. 8/10. 

11.Harry Shadbolt: all-round good bloke, all-round good performance. 8/10. 

12.Josh Joseph: powerful in the carry. 8/10.

13.Alex Mills: definitely the tougher Mills sibling. 8/10

14.PJ Lloyd: some way off 2016/17 PJ.  Loses a point for 1st half air-shot, but gains one for his try. 7/10. 

15.Charlie King: Demanded second-half move to fly-half.  Takitimu-esque. 5/10. 

16.Tom Hanks: has finally reached the end of the Road to Perdition- benching for Hackney 2s. 8/10. 

17.Spencer Elliot: much needed youth. 8/10. 

18.Charlie Blagbrough: second successive escape from the row to number 8. Sign of where the club is at.  8/10. 

19.Ricardo Duberry: 2s’ only ball carrier of 2019 so far, docked a point for breaking a man which ended the game early.  9/10