With all the other Hakcney sides taking a weekend off the playing duties were left up to the Ladies 1st XV who took on a formidable Cuffley pack and understandably bitter Irish ref who did not appreciate comments comparing a try scored by Hackney winger Amber Kirwan to that of a try scored by Elliot Daly a day prior.

Here is list of statements a more creative individual could string into a match report:

  • We should perhaps practice restarts
  • Too much defending in our own 22, well done to the forwards though for putting in the hits
  • Shin pads are questionable rugby equipment
  • Billie and Kirsten both made beautiful selfless passes to help ensure our speedy wingers stay at the top of the try scoring leader board
  • Praise be to Kirstens boot, and Minettes speedy feet as well.
  • Amber was excellent, we have all forgotten about her predecessor already. Niketa who?
  • Lots of fans! Thanks for the support.