As he set out from Cardiff on 15 June 1910, the explorer Capt. Robert Scott had a mission – to explore the desolate and barren expanses of the Antarctic. However, he realised that this might be too vague, and arranged to meet his Norwegian counterpart Roald Amundsen at 90.0000° S, 45.0000° E, otherwise known as the South Pole. On such a perilous adventure, such a precise meeting point was definitely a wise decision made by a strong and capable leader! However, as the Hackney 2s ventured into a similarly bleak and inhospitable region, South West London, our courageous leader Capt. Ricardo Duberry was not quite so precise.


We embarked on our expedition from Victoria Station at 11:30; or perhaps we might have if the incomparable Capt. Duberry had followed the excellent example of Mr Scott and set a precise meeting point. Instead, a long while was spent locating our comrades for the day as we aimlessly ambled through the cavernous halls. However, despite being significantly behind time, the team was in order and ready depart turning to the inspirational leader-captain and asking, “How do we get there?” Failing to follow the stern and decisive leadership style of Capt. Scott, he replied, “I don’t know! Why don’t one of you look it up?”


As we journeyed deeper into the unknown, we witnessed some of the South West London mentality we had feared; an eighty-year-old asked an Australian woman to speak English. Not too worry, the cavalry had arrived, and Mr. Dave Lewis stepped forward to say, “Excuse me sir, you do realise Australians speak English?” Stunned by Mr. Lewis’ encyclopaedic knowledge, the eighty-year-old sat down aghast! In the silence that followed, Capt. Duberry attempted to lift spirits by interacting with baker from Homerton and arranging a brunch date for the team

the following morning. Did he draw inspiration from the leadership tactics of Capt. Scott? Who’s to say?


On arriving at our destination, our tribulations were not over; we faced a 15-minute walk to the pitch! But not to fear, the indomitable Capt. Duberry rallied the troops saying, “Now banter Ricky is gone, it’s time for rugby!” So, then we played some rugby…


So we won’t mention:

  • the bounty placed on the no arm tackling Cornishman (paid out)
  • the master baker
  • the scrum try
  • the tackle, the rip, the run, the hand offs, the off loads to Tim 
  • the pasties
  • the physiotherapist
  • the score

Player Ratings

1) Dave Lewis: 8/10, his knowledge of languages proved very helpful. With all due respect.

2) Ricardo Duberry: on pitch rating 0/10, 0 penalties managing to stay on the pitch. Off pitch rating 5/10, some questionable admin skills…

3) Tom Addenbrooke: MOTM/10 whispers of his performance were spoken softly in the showers by the Cornish front row 

4) Franck Cohadon: 8/10 Il faut vivre comme on pense, sans quoi l'on finira par penser comme on a vécu

5) Jack Burton: scrum life just feels easier and should not be look at closer by Larry 2’s/10

6) Somebi Ejikeme: tackle monster. Super positive attitude “next job” 8/10 

7) Tim Hansen: found a new home and never wants to be selected for another squad, plus other Captian don’t wash your back in the showers 8/10

8) Neil Cunningham: 8/10, he found touch more often than Rich Mills. 

9) Ruairidh Keeley: Apollo 11/10.

10) Alex Lee: moustache/10.

11) Arran Ferguson: 6.9/10, he asked me to do it… Africa???

12) Adam Murphy: 8/10 another day in the park. #EatPlayLove

13) Rich Mills: 3/10, the amount of times he made touch. (Haphephobia)

14) Laurie Benson: 10/10, I’m writing the match report so…

15) Shaun Rooke: 9/15, oh no 15/15.

16)Charlie Killoran: 9/10, some sterling line judging!

17) Hugh Price: 1,000,000,000/10.