Being not the most adventurous sort and only dealing with numbers in my day job, meaning I can barely communicate in English never mind trying to learn a foreign language, I can only speculate about the following statement as I've never experienced one first hand while living in some sort of tropical climate. However I'm pretty sure Saturday's game was quite like being in an hurricane.

In the picturesque Richmond Park, which would be lovely place to play rugby if there was anywhere to get changed / toilet facilities / taps to fill up water bottles within a mile radius, the Gargoyles endured a battering akin to typhoon storm in the first 20 minutes. If it wasn't Rosslyn Park big runners, it was their pacy wingers doing the damage. Without having the ball themselves Hackney could only batten down the hatches and hope for the best.

But then suddenly, a chink on sunlight appeared and all was suddenly calm. We'd entered the eye of the storm. Buoyed by the return of a long lost friend the functioning set piece, Hack took up residence in the opposition 22. All feared for his health as Fraser Barr took up the ball, with a stature reasonable for an openside flanker but diminutive compared to the Park entire tight 5 forwards lined up in defence, we shouldn't of worried however as through some magic trick Fraser made two guys miss to be hauled down yards short. From this the ball found it's way via Rich Shorey and Ben Goacher to Laurie Benson who squeezed in the corner to open the account for the day. A short time later Lawrence Homewood added to the tally by engaging his go go gadget arms to ground the ball over the tryline despite the close attention of several defenders.

At half time, Hackney were a bit like Michael Fish on the weather forecast, over-confident and completely convinced a storm wasn't on it's way. However we were out of the eye of the storm into the other side of hurricane and it was mainly one way traffic in the wrong direction from then on. The exception to this was when Charlie King put his Christmas period conditioning regime (absolutely no exercise since the last game of rugby) to good use and showed off some new found elusiveness to feed Harry Shadbolt who was rewarded for another stand out performance with our 3rd try. Kudos to all the lads for a good effort with some varied execution, especially to our late Friday evening call ups and Will Lawton on day-boo