It’s a big game. A sentiment reiterated throughout the week by our fearless leader captian Fresh. But for the readers of this match report to fully understand this story, we have to rewind to September 2018, and slowly work our way back to the present day.

After being semi involved in the 2017/2018 season, a young Welshman was enthusiastic to make new pals and hopefully play an important role in Hackney RFC’s upcoming campaign. After hard work in pre season training with a few friendlies under the belt, all was looking well. 15 minutes into the first league game of the season, tragedy strikes - an explosion of the shoulder and face leaves him sidelined for the foreseeable future.

September, October, November, December.. the months past. Injured. Each week reading the match reports of abstract nonsense, knowing that one day, his time would come. One day, he would have the privilege of regaling his teammates with a vague and undescriptive depiction of a rugby game interspersed with semi funny jokes and references to Ben Chamberlain being old.

An engineer by trade, used to dealing in numbers and equations, this young man knew that if he was to impress his new rugby friends he would have to trade his monosyllabic adjectives such as ‘good’ and ‘nice’ with polysyllabic adjectives such as ‘tenacious’ and ‘decisive’. 

So here we arrive to the present day - Belsize Park at home. A big game, apparently. Unfortunately for the readers of said match report, the author can remember very few actual details of the match and hence gives a very brief description of certain events.

Rugby was played. Hackney opened their account through a decisive break by Adam Eagle who to everyone’s surprise, eventually gave a pass to Guy Watmore to cross the line. Maybe Joe kicked the conversion, not too sure.

Ben Suddell also did a try in the first half. Potential conversion from skip.

The highlight of the first half came on the brink of half time - after a dominant tap and go from our 9th forward and largest player on the field, Sam Wilkinson, the ball was fed to our handsome yet sensitive fly half Oliver Jenner who stepped the entire Belsize team to touch down in the vicinity of the posts. Conversion kicked maybe.

The second half, consisted of persistent Hackney pressure throughout. A try was imminent, the crowd could feel it, everyone knew something special was coming - and boy did it come.. After some well worked phase play inside the hackney half, Wilko hits a pod of burly forwards and loops to receive the ball back and feed the Jenneral who glides through the Belsize defensive line untouched. With a multitude of options either side - clowns to the left, jokers to the right, the pass was delayed until the last second with a short pop releasing our fearless leader hitting a hard line to go in under the sticks. Beautiful rugby. Scintillating stuff. Forward pass. 

We didn’t win but played bloody well. 

Man of the match, Sam Wilkinson. Lots of pick and go’s xxxx