On a fine day for rugby we turned up to the ground of Old Grammarians ready to do battle with one of our local foes.

Your correspondent was a little worried as the evening before he had 22 warriors ready to go to war, that morning, he didn't know how many were going to turn up.

It turned out that Grams were in a similar situation having had a squad of 18-19 the evening before but with only 13 turning up, we had 16 but offered to match them and play 13 a-side as I don't like lending players.

The game despite the scoreline was competitive and fun for long periods with the Grams occasionally running out of puff and letting us in for a few tries in quick succession.

When we went down to 12 a side due to injuries this favoured the opponents and they came back at us with a fury to get 3 quick and well deserved tries in the last 20, thankfully we did get the last score as everyone seemed to be under the impression it was last try wins.

A few highlights

Dave Lewis getting stripped twice by a man who was over twice his age, including one as he was heading over the try line

Alex Higgs binning a try from that most rare of Hackney things, a rolling maul, when we were well over the try line

Rob Baker running faster than I've ever seen him move over the last 14 seasons I've been at the club to score his 4th ever try

Yassine is a pretty decent 12, he actually ran forwards.

Captain Jack is back

Ollie Ball seems to celebrate every try as if it was Harry Kane scoring the winning goal and winning a trophy. It's not going to happen at Spurs but when Kane moves to a club that can win something, he will be well practiced in the art of unnecessarily exuberant cheering. Also missed a conversion from in front of the posts

Someone said your correspondent played the perfect game for Hackney, I didn't get on the pitch