Hackney's non 1st teamers paid London Japanese the now traditional annual visit for a final tune-up for the league season. It turned out to be more of a MOT for a vintage car after being sat in the garage for quite a while, with more questions being revealed than answers submitted.

If you blinked after the kick off you might of missed the Japanese's first try but shortly after a Neil Cunningham offload set up Freddie Bowles to feed Rich Shorey for a swift riposte. Pre-game the opposition winger may of overheard Yinka talking about his physio recommending a 20 minute cameo role on his first game back after his knee injury two years ago, perhaps informing his decision to show Yinks the outside on his first touch, Yinka said "thanks very much" on his way to putting Hackney ahead. Captain for the day Charlie King was running a support line for that try which started 5 yards behind but ended trailing by 30 yards, all the time enquiring when Yinka would be back to "full match fitness."

This lead was then chipped away for the remainder of the game as Hackney conceded the vast majority of possession and territory. Only two long range individual efforts from Freddie kept the Hack in the game. A perfect day from the kicking tee from the skipper showed up an improved technique or many hours of pre-season practice, however this new found power from the right foot wasn't tamed and attempted restarts and touch finders sailing out. In a rare foray into LJ's 22, front row convert Darren Griffin demanded the ball at first receiver, what for we all wondered? Perhaps sticking to the structure with a charge at the defence? Or distributing to the Hackney numbers standing outside? No, Neither. He chose to try a cross field kick which ended up behind the lined up attackers. Maybe that was a summation of the afternoon, lots of individual contributions which failed to become anything cohesive enough