It’s safe to say that this commentator has been part of more successful starts to a season, with a record of played 3 lost 3, I’m relying on that simply being a coincidence. However, I am reassured that last seasons efforts followed a similar path and still ended prosperous.

It’s also safe to say that the frustration of a match such as this one if difficult to put into words, but here goes.

It rained. Lots.

The 18 men of Hackney journeyed west to the land of Chiswick with an air of positivity. The travelling fans were excited, despite the treacherous conditions. The chance to play on a ground more artificially enhanced than Pete Burns posed as a chance to show off the new, expansive style of rugby Hackney wanted to achieve this year.

Sadly, this was not the case.

A blistering opening by the boys in Blue, Blue, Green and Yellow put early pressure on the hosts, pinning them in their own 22. It was a promising start.

That was until the fifth minute. Chiswick made their first break, down the blind side. A last ditch tackle on the charging fly-half wasn’t enough to stop the first blood shed to be Hackney’s.

7-0. The rain continued.

The rugby that followed quickly declined. The Hackney XV were plagued by Knockonitis, with only a minority of player’s immune.

The disease was spreading quickly, making it near impossible to build any sort of attack. In fact, the pill was dropped more than during a weekend in Ibiza.

A rare opportunity to get on the scoreboard was awarded for some excellent jackling by the forwards and a thankful Murphy stepped up from the wing to deliver the first and only points for the Hackney men.


This was quickly followed by a rare attack in the oppositions half. A hurtling run down the wing by Geoff Furlong ended in the most questionable grubber through, later to be proclaimed to be a drop-goal attempt, only to swept up and cleared away by the Chiswick back three.

More players infected by the virus caused a string of turnovers awarded to Chiswick and it was only a matter of time before their second try was scored.

We ended the half 19-3.

The team talk matched the frustration of the performance. A series of mixed tactics were discussed ending in a confusion of what needed to be done other than, don’t drop the ball. Advice not taken.

Most of the second half was played in Hackney’s half following the same pattern: Hackney clear the lines. Chiswick attack. Hackney turnover possession. Hackney drop the ball. Chiswick attack again and eventually score.

A change at fly half with the hope of injecting some pace into the Hackney backline offered some promise in attack and the lads managed to piece together a couple of plays. Woefully, without any real success.

The match ended 24-3, Chiswick with the spoils.

There’s no doubt the weather had a catastrophic affect on the afternoon, but excuses cannot be made. With cries for some investment into a catching machine at Mabley Green, it’s back to the training ground to prepare for a travelling Hampstead.

MOTM: Guy Watmore

DOTD: Geoff Furlong