I would write that this is the one that got away except that, apart from one which didn’t get away, they all got away, so I’ll just say that this is one of the ones that got away, although - notwithstanding the scoreline - for a while it might not have got away. So, this one got away.

Old Streetonians were worthy winners. But the day belonged, at least until he gave an unmerited award to your correspondent for having the temerity to play Wham! on the jukebox, to stand-in captain Chris Reay. In a game which we let get away from us, then clawed back a bit, before, once again, letting get far far away from us, he held his head. 

His reward came in the move of the game as he half-dove half-fell over the whitewash to score Hackney’s consolation try. The try was a well-worked team effort. All Hackney players made a contribution - and a positive contribution at that - and almost all of them meant to do so. Phases were gone through, the right to go wide was earned, and other space-filling things happened, the details of which were likely more memorable than your correspondent can recall. Because, well, Christmas.

Anyway, the captain for the day scored the Gogs' try of the day, easily our seventh best try of the season (assuming we have scored seven - although if we haven’t this was still the seventh best try of the season) and we all hit the showers. Roll on 2019.

Player Ratings:

1. Dave Bates: like a Duracell bunny crossed with a T-100 - he just goes and goes and goes. 8/10.

2. Darren Griffin (vc): should have moved to the front row a decade ago. My second favourite Griffin. 7/10

3. Matthieu Arneguy: an anchor in the scrum, an angry terrier in the loose, thank the multiverse. 7/10 

4. Lawrence Homewood: after some huff he lost his puff but he was strong while he was on. 7/10 

5. Mat Cole: he’s not Patch but apart from in the line-out that’s a good thing. Tackled everything. 8/10

6. Spencer Elliot: Some excellent breaks - a leaderful fellow - if that’s a word - which it should be. 9/10

7. Ben Graham: cry havoc and unleash this Gog of War! Usual high standards kept in tackling. 8/10

8. Rolfin Nyhus: flashes of the marauder of old when Hackney were able to retain possession. 7/10

9. Kieran Murray: less gobby than Fielden, less dinky than Shorey, bound to become a forward. 7/10

10. Chris Reay (c): deserved his try (and he must have - ‘cause I wouldn’t write it otherwise). Loves Wham! 7/10

11. Tom H. O_w-a~i|n Davies: made Cedric proud by checking out early. 7/10

12. James Simpson: he rugby-ed. I mean, he must have, he’s on the team sheet. 8/10 (to be on the safe side)

13. Joe Mitchell: also did some rugby-ing - but not much because of the aforementioned possession issues. 7/10

14. Arran Ferguson: doesn’t need the ball to rugby - just charges at everything. Gogs legend in the making. 9/10

15. Dexter Gibbs: good show from Dexter/Finn - it’s almost like there’s two of him. 9/10


Alex Higgs: good to see him back from nesting - even if he’s not allowed to prop anymore. 7/10

Cian Murphy: best player on the pitch except when he’s not. 11/10

Finn Apps: good show from Finn/Dexter - it’s almost like there’s two of him. 9/10

James Safford: strong showing from the bench - hopefully not his last (showing, rather than benching). 8/10

Shu Shome: new Shu model released just in time for the Christmas market - now he tackles! 7/10