Small details can be the difference in this sport that we love called Rugby, according to the Gargoyles new on field general Callum Cleaver, Hackney definitely would of won this game if it's location hadn't of been changed at the last minute from the initial pitch (the worst pitch your correspondent had ever seen) to the one used (the second worse pitch your correspondent had ever seen). The larger dead ball area would of meant Charlie King's dribble and dive on the ball would of been a try instead of the grounding being inches beyond the dead ball line. This would given the Hack a 7-12 lead at that point and the narrower width of the other pitch would of nullified CS Stags ambitions of throwing the ball from touchline to touchline to try and get around the defensive wall, surely resulting in an away win if you ignore the other 6 or 7 facets of the game that the Civil Service outfit were superior in.

The pattern of the game was Hackney played together as a team and put in a performance they could be greatly proud of while the Stags relied on individual brilliance. Playing together as a team on this occasion largely consisted of chasing much faster players around in cohesive organised manner while dodging the goose poo on the pitch which was a bit much even for someone who learned his rugby trade as a youngster at the sort of club which doubles at sheep grazing patch. Hackney started the better side and used an effective kicking game and Alex Mills' direct running to gain territory until Charlie "Moses" King parted the defence like the red sea returning an attempted clearance, despite being unable to round the full back he found Ricky Duberry who barged over for the opening try.

Conceding a converted try didn't upset the Gargoyles who continued to apply pressure and a charge down kick gave a golden opportunity to take the lead, unfortunately Mr. King's audition for HRFC's association football team was flunked as he displayed the first touch akin to Hull AFC ex striker Dean Windass to hack the ball dead.

That was about as good as it got for Hackney, playing with 14 men due to starting with uncontested scrums, sin bin then reduced them to 13 for a while and the bad fortune continued with injures to primary / sole line out jumper Nick Watmore and sole try scorer Ricky. Coach Chris Carroll seemed to be distracted at this point, perhaps thinking of the next sick burn he could deliver to his veteran stand in scrum half in next weeks team talk or nervously looking over his shoulder due to his confessed fear of geese that occupied Chiswick grounds which acted as a good opposition during backs moves in the warmup. Our off field decision maker failed to spot a clearly immobile Ricky who played on for 5 minutes after what x-rays later revealed to be a broken ankle. His status as a tough cooker confirmed upon his return sometime next season hopefully. We had to wait 7 hours after the final whistle for the greatest offload of the season, Mr. Cleaver showing he has a natural talent for the delegation part of captaincy and while agreeing to wash the kit verbally he wandered off leaving the unsuspecting Rooke brothers in custody of the kit bag.