Why mess with perfection?

Match ratings

Dave Lewis - have you ever seen prop fly? 6/10

Laurence Mills - pre-occupied by missing shaker. 5/10

James Noble - Getting comfortable as a prop. Very comfortable. 6/10

James Legg - makes Steve Borthwick looks like a lineout novice. 6.5/10

Jonny Crockett - Doesn't care for live music in rugby clubs. 6/10

Ben Sudell - Good of him to fit rugby in around his charity and fundraising work. Doesn't like to talk about it. 6.5/10

Fraser Tait - the bigger they are the harder they get smashed in midfield. 5.5/10

Matt Strong - Is the "beard" slowing him down? 6.5/10

Sam Wilkinson - Really up for going to Rowans post-game. 7/10

Joe Askham - "I feel old". 9.5/10

Yinka Busari - Ran around very quickly 6.5/10

James Miller - another guaranteed 7/10 performance from Mr Consistent. 6/10

Guy Watmore - clearly at home where "industry meets countryside" 6.50/10

Ultan Murphy - kicking to the left hand touchline when 15 metres in from the right is always a pleasant sight - 7/10

Adam Eagle - First portion of meat. Perhaps now he'll start passing. 6.5/10

Mike Waithe - overawed teammates with new-found BT Sport fame 6/10

Tim Hansen - Best Australian on the day. Dreadful tatt 6.5/10

Richard Mills - One of the best Mills' in the team 6.5/10