Todays match was a trip down memory lane for me and many of the players today. About 2 years ago Hackney and Cuffley played together in the development league where it was clear that Cuffley were the big dogs. They were inspiring to watch and they are so nice at the same time which made it hard to hate how good they are!!! Our last match against them saw us lose by about 60 points and they won the league and celebrated a hard fault battle. SInce then Hackney also managed to be promoted and found themselves playing against what I believe to be one the greatest teams in the NC league. Cuffley are filled with dynamic players who ferret their way through your body like no one I've played with before! Eventhough the game did not end in their favour this time, they should have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of because they still got it. Its evident that with time and more players history will probably repeat itself but who knows which team will be the promoted one?