According to the laws of Rugby football, a try (worth five points) is scored when "an attacking player is first to ground the ball in the opponents’ in-goal, against the opponents’ goal post or its surrounding padding." There are many other laws of coarse and many skills to master, this particular Saturday afternoon both sides were adept at all but the one which earned the most on the scoreboard.

In a free-flowing game, HAC's 2nd string were the stronger side especially at set piece, however in the rare moments when Hackney got their hands on the pill they proved they could cause problems of their own. The home side benefitted when what looked to be a certain try failed to qualify under IRB law 8.2(a) when the ball was spilled under no pressure in the act of grounding.

The gargoyles also turned out to be experts in failing to score certain tries with butchered 2 on 1s aplenty, Ricky Dubery was working minor miracles behind a retreating scrum and somehow turned one pick and go into a 70 meter break, this created an interesting dilemma - should he stick to running with the ball for the final 20 meters, his particular strong suit? Or give into the lactic acid and attempt the easy pass to the unmarked player to the left? Crystal balls aren't required to predict how this one ended.

The worst butcher of the day definitely belonged to Alex "finest supplier of meat" Guassardo who caught a pass 3 yards out and emerged from his attempt at cutting back inside to go under the post protesting to referee he had certainly grounded the ball, this fell on deaf ears though but Rich Mills saved Hackney's blushes by intercepting a pass to ensure there would be no bagel. The league points definitely belonged to the visitors however.