The Gargoyles brought a lot endeavour to this encounter with the unbeaten Bedford and displayed plenty of guile, dexterity and agility in their play. Which at times surprised and shocked the high flying away team, however a lack of direction, especially in the kicking game proved no match for the visitors power and pace as they ran out easy victors.

Surprise was evident in the opening exchanges, none more evident on the face of skipper Jack Lidyard who gathered an off load from Tom Jepps and seemed shocked on how easy it was to canter in from 30 yards untouched. This seemed to shock the opposition into life and aided by some bull like charges from their powerful front row, opportunistic back line moves and a constant 3 out of 10 performance from the Hackney scrum half surged into a commanding lead. Bedford were certainly on top for much of the 1st half but a fine solo try from Hackney man of the match Tom Parkin kept the home team within two scores at the change of ends.

Enjoying more possession and territory in the second half, the Gargoyles were methodical and patient in their phase play but the Midlands outfit proved difficult to break down and Hackney continued to concede at regular intervals which sealed their fate. On the positive side Rhys Johnson capped a triumphant return with a class score and Tom Jepps took advantage of recent confusion over how a tap penalty is taken by bouncing the ball off his knee and touching down for a try surrounded by mystified defenders looking towards the referee

Time for the return of the 2nd XV player ratings out of 10!!

1.Rhys Johnson

Excelled, despite not playing for over a year out of position at prop. Pleasure to have him back 8

2. Alex Higgs

Lots of loud shouting that didn't help with the correspondents headache, plenty of hard work with it though 7

3. Michael Waithe

Never took a step back in the (uncontested) scrums, which is what you want from a tight head prop 7

4. Jack Lidyard

Looked slightly lost on the way to the try line, lead by example in defence and spilled (a lot of) claret for the team 7

5. Ben Veyrac

Led the defensive line with Jack and generally got through tons of work 7.5

6. Ricky Duberry

After being substituted, the opposition remarked "why you taking him off? he's a monster!" says it all really 8

7. Cian McDonagh

Lots of dog, plenty of mongrel, an element of a terrier, hounded the opposition loads and too many flanker / canine references for one report 8

8. Tom Parkin

It was a close call, but man of the match 9

9. Shaun Rooke

Eldon Takiwakitimu - "The Rooke brothers were 8 out of 10 in todays game, and by that I mean about 4 out of 10 each" 3

10. Tom Jepps

Selecting him at 10 is worth it for the cheap joke pre-game when the ref asks for "front row, scrum half and fly half" for his briefing and gets really confused who's what 8

11. Matthew Rooke

See above 5

12. Dan Aylward

(copying from the last player ratings) Physical in defence and made yards every carry like usual, zero passes like usual 8

13. James Abbot

Superb in defence and definitely put his body on the line for the team, as proved when he joining the Hack walking wounded 8.5

14. Jon Chung

Faultless and committed, even when bounced back 5 yards. Filled in at centre admirably 7.5

15. Jack Green

Tested the defence with every carry and kick return with his pace 7

16. Franck Cohadon

Typically brutal carries and tackles to go with the token random run across the field and speculative offload, which actually worked! 8

17. Fedor Simkovic

Ensured the backline lost nothing in defence when he came on by making his tackles 7