On a glorious September afternoon, the Gladies headed down south to play Battersea Ironside in a "friendly" (rivals!) match. The Gladies and Battersea Ironside had both won one match against each other; this could have been seen as a decider. 


 Kick off! All of those passing drills and handling the ball in the ruck sessions paid off. The Gladies were organised and ruthless in their attack and defence. Possession gained, possession lost..breaks were made, tries were almost scored. Both teams were so stubborn not to be the first in conceding a try. 


 In a gut wrenching moment, Ironside made a charge for the try line but Vanya made sure the Gladies were not disappointed! She held up not one, but two attempted tries! Justine then kicked the ball out of the "danger zone"...phew! The ball came back, with the whistle going off in the last play off the scrum in the Gladies 22.


 Half time, score 0-0


 The Gladies had nothing to lose, and this was shown in the second half. Breaks were made by both teams, it became a tense game of making precise tackles to prevent the opposition from scoring.


 After being marked for all of the first half, I (Keta) managed to suss out a way to weave through the Ironsides' pen to score a try underneath their posts. Justine converted to add to the Gladies lead. There was still much more work to do, as Ironside must have been seething from conceding the first try.


 Both sides battled on in a game of (not thrones,urgh!) hard tackles and driving into the opponents half. Within the last 5 minutes, Ironside managed to slip through the defence and score in the far corner. Well deserved! Unfortunately the try wasn't converted. 


 As the final whistle blew, relief (the reduction of blood pressure!)and joy of cheers spread through the Gladies team. 


 A big welcome and well done to Heather, playing her first ever game of rugby!


 Forward of the match, undeniably given to Kat K for her courageous runs and tackles.


 Plus a bow down to Vanya, as back of the match and saviour in preventing two try's being scored in quick succession.


 A big thank you and well done to Emily in her first captaincy! 


 And of course, Steve thank you for coming down. We hope we made you proud! Welcome to women's rugby!!!