After 3 months of gruelling training the gladies had finally arrived at what was expected to be a true test of their abilities. For several seasons hackney had been faced against Haringey Rhinos who truly live up to their name. As the memories of previous games started to flood in we all knew it was time to show that we had been working harder then ever during England's most confusing summer.

At the start of the first half it was evident that haringey had too been training hard and they surely were not about to give us an easy ride. Within the first five minutes of the game Haringey kept inching towards our try line and they cleverly started finding the gaps in our defence. A try was scored against us and a slightly defeated Hackney were trying to rethink their strategy going forward. Luckily our one true saviour (Niketa) was determined to return the favour by coasting the side lines and hammering for the posts to give justine and easy kick. Conversion scored making it 5-7. After various penalities were given away, in no time were the ladies back in our 22 trying to rectify our mistakes. Yet again to ease our weary hearts niketa scored leaving shin with the distant thought of how she could ever match those efforts. Haringey continued to push back at us with hard hits and even harder rucks to secure their second try of he game. The score was 12-12 for quiet a while increasing the pressure on both sides. A few more tries for Niketa and a few more penalities for haringey, the half had ended with a lovely try from a detemined shin and a storming try from our new hero rachel.

With a few switchovers at half time, Hackney was looking forward to what some new additions to the team could bring. With the potential for the game to be turned over with a few strong tries from Haringey there was excitement and fear hanging in the balance. Eventhough the ladies were instructed to hang back from the breakdowns there was still a desire in some players to get stuck in, inevitably leading in more penalities being awarded to the other side. Coco a new starter had well and truly made her mark on the field today with great hand offs and strong strides. Unfortunately, getting taken down just shy of the try line lost her the right to a try but a truly beauitful pop to justine sealed the deal putting hackney in a comfortable position. Towards the end of the second half a brilliant break from nancy lead to a well placed try from caroline. With 13 minutes left on the clock shin was determined to challenge niketas 4 try game and fought her way across the try line side stepping her way to the post.

Congratulations to the forward of the match Coco and back of the match my carrot munching friend India Ferard!!

Even though it was a great victory to hackney, Haringey should have everything to be proud of. They are one of the strongest teams in the league and are always an absolute pleasure to play and socialise with. Good luck this season rhinos well see you at the finish line.