Saturday 16th of September 2017.

A day to forget as many heinous crimes were committed across the globe.

Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar leaves hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing the state of Rakhine to escape persecution from the military.

Ben Chamberlain attends a wedding in Menorca wearing a suit so indecent that it would make a blind man scratch his eyeballs out.

The griffins winning streak comes to a halt at the hands of a ruthless Belsize Park.

It would be the first time these two rivals met in almost two years but one to forget for the East Londoners.

The writing was on the wall for the kingdom of Babylon Hackney before the ref had even checked the studs as a lack of kit and more importantly players meant the visitors had little time to prepare. Although the warm up was a mistreated camel away from becoming a circus the Griffins started off positively winning a scrum off the back of their own re-start.

The backslaps and hoorays were short lived, however, as the ensuing scrum had the Hackney pack on roller skates and their scrum half fumbling at the ball like it was a bra strap in a disabled toilet. The ref blew for a penalty to the home side and a precedent had been set.

Belsize’s outside centre landed the touch finder to within 10 metres of the Hackney line and a clean take gave the hosts their first opportunity to attack. Hackney countered well to bring their opponents to the ground but a vacant blind side could only have been more inviting had the red carpet been rolled out. Belsize wasted no time and breezed down the touchline to open the scores. A missed touch line conversion the sole consolation for an abhorrent start.

The two sides traded penalties over the course of the next 10 minutes but Hackney struggled to gain traction as their scrum and line out failed to win their own ball or test opposition’s. Some of Hackney's best chances came towards the end of the half including a penalty kicked to the corner. The line out was set up but the visitors were penalised for a “truck and trailer” (which is rhyming slang for complete failure) leaving Belsize off the hook as the teams went into the sheds.

Hackney started the second half with plenty of possession but a set piece about as useful as a winger on the Georgian rugby team, forcing the Griffins to play the game largely with ball in hand.

The early exchanges saw both teams cross the white wash but as the game wore on the Hackney pack tired and holes started to open up. An efficient Belsize backline was in unsympathetic mood and took each opportunity with both hands. It wasn’t long until the Griffins found themselves facing an insurmountable deficit of Venezuelan proportions.

Hackney attempted to salvage some pride with a late try but couldn’t breach an organised Belsize defence to leave the scoreboard 49 – 11 in favour of the hosts.

Some hard lessons will be learned by the Griffins, but also some easy ones such as get to training, turn up on time to matches and don’t get married mid-season.