As the last pre season friendly was dawning, the sun decided to make an appearance on Sunday morning which I'm sure made us all regret our prior commitments and wish for one last beer garden spritz before autumn really came to fruition. With a pack of 24 girls ready to rumble Hackney Ladies were well and truly looking larger than I have ever seen them before (and that's not just because they were wearing new figure hugging shirts Thank you Mascara Bar). As we settle into our new regime of pre game warm ups unfortunately, Lemkiss was struck down due to thigh cramp (if we did dick of the match I'm more than certain she would of had a cheeky pint with her name written on it).

Whistles blown, game begins. Hackney kick and are not retaining the ball as much as we had hoped. A few stolen balls from Chelmsford were continuously knocked on highlighting one of our greater weakness on the pitch, composer. To our advantage finally a glimmer of hope was brought to us all with the first try of the match coming from Shin giving us all an opportunity to have a little natter to get our heads back in the game. Conversion scored. It was evident that the strength of Chelmsford was beginning to take its toll on hackney with the need for a blood sub only a quarter into the game. Once the first try was scored Shin continued to meet the try line and within the first half was followed by Rachel and Niketa on more than one occasion. Some conversions scored

With an injury on Chelmsford' side needing attention the half time whistle was blown relieving the tense air for a moment. A half time grilling from Steve saw many players subbing there way into the second half with great excitement. As many know half time can change everything. Tired teams come back stronger and that fear was definitely felt. A sense of relief filled the crowd when a ferocious Beth broke through a strong line of defense to only miss the try line by 15 meters luckily Caroline was ready to support and a brilliant pop enabled the ladies to begin to enjoy their efforts. Try scored. Conversion missed. As white line fever started to fill the team an unfortunate misunderstanding left Billie's try to go unnoticed, but luckily Middleton was not far from letting that go and soon scored a try to make up for the mishap. Niketa probably scored again.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch a blossoming team manage to triumph against Chelmsford. A team that I played on my first game with Hackney and still have nightmares about now. They are an impeccably strong team and deserved the hardly fought after try in the second half. We all know that this game would not be possible if our players didn't give it there all. Special mentions to Emma Middleton and Rachel Lipman for camouflaging themselves as all sorts of positions during the day in order to facilitate our 'not so experienced players' to play. Our new wingers Aine Harnett Lennon and Sophia Monrose, you've come along way since your start at hackney and the confidence of your runs at this stage is a force to soon be reckoned with. Shout out to mascara bar for always being impeccable hosts and funding our delightfully skin tight new kit.

On a sad note we say goodbye to smarks aka slaw aka Sarah Lawrence who has decided to develop her own little babies league. Good luck with everything and be sure to tell us when you're pregnant so we can all get drunk for you.

Thanks Gladies

Your proudest captain


p.s: Challenge to anyone who can smash Niketa and Shins little try off...I'll pay your subs for a year ;)