Having befriended Kilburn early in the season filming a This Girl Can advert, and bonding via Twitter and our new found billboard fame there was no doubt this was going to be an exciting game. The fact that we were playing on a Saturday and that England was about to beat Wales (I can spell that one now) helped as well. Even after waking up to a sprinkling of snow the Gladies managed to have 25 players come out to take on the second most famous team in the league. Unfortunately, for some of our rookies, and for Lamees who had to sort everything out, rugby has rules and we could only dress 20 players and so a few of the Gladies would have to settle for a day of just watching Rugby. For those cheering for both Hackney and England it wasn’t a bad day to be a fan with wins all round. But still, massive kudos to the girls who showed up and warmed up and got muddy with us anyways.

We had a really solid warm up for the most part and everyone was feeling really focused and strong. Hackney kicked off to start the game and it was clear in the first half that we were really sick of losing and wanted to put some points up quickly. Emma Middleton was hungry for a try and after having two attempts held up finally scored the first try for the Gladies. Then I missed the conversion, embarrassing. The forwards played well and did the things forwards do like rucking and ripping the ball, and flattening the oppo. The scrums were a thing of beauty, Dr. Kat was as solid as ever in the rucks, and as a whole it was the forwards who were able to force a lot of turnovers, but the speedy backs were not about to let them have all the glory even though we were sliding everywhere in the mud. There was a bit of confusion and a dropped ball and lots of yelling and somehow somebody popped the ball to Alice Goss who weaved her way through a couple defenders to score the second Gladies try. The try was once again somewhere that I was unable to convert from; the score at the end of the half was 10-0 to the Gladies.

Kilburn were not about the let us play an easy second half. They came back and showed us how they have been able to hold on to second place for so many weeks. We saw some really solid runs from the Kilburn girls, but thankfully our wingers although small and quick have the aggression and strength of people twice their size, they were able to shut down many attempts to break the defensive line. Alice and Gen both nearly killed people, however Kilburn have plenty of determination and were able to answer with two tries of their own to even the score.

What happened next will be of no surprise to any Gladies supporter. We resorted to the tried and true strategy of Keep Calm and give Niketa the ball. It has been a heavily debated topic of how exactly it happened but it did. There was some chaos and then perhaps by magic Niketa got the ball and although she had the insanely fast Kilburn number 8 practically breathing down her neck she managed to outrun her by just a fraction of a second and score the final try just as the game reached full time. Final score 15-10 for Hackney. A much needed win giving us momentum to hopefully finish the season on a high.

Lamees was busy enjoying the 6 nations and Mascara Bar was at full capacity so the MOTM announcement was about 2 hours behind schedule. Nevertheless forward of the match went to Annette for her brilliant tackling and back of the match was Gen. Big thank you to Kilburn for being patient and for joining us afterwards, and to everyone who came out to support.