After a challenging journey for some, the Gladies finally made it to their fantasy island. As we had entered into Harlow rugby club we all stood in wonder whilst being greeted by warmth and automatic doors. The joy did not stop there!! Once we had entered our private away changing room strategically placed piping gave the subtle illusion of heating flooring which personally made me want to lay on the floor. But enough of that for now.

Hackney played at their best today against a very traditional team. Every position was played by at least 2 people. Hackney traditionally take about 20 minutes to realise that we are playing rugby and we only fell apart for 5 minutes after the restart today. Today saw a lot of developing players shining through especially Aìne who continued to rescue the ball when We failed to catch it or missed it off the bounce and even recieved a fantastic kick. Lady you’re hands are stronger than ever.

Unfortunately a member of harlow's squad experienced severe concussion resulting in us having to change pitches. We hope that she has a full recovery soon.