After a long journey to Hitchin, Hackney Ladies we’re loving the conditions for the game today. With 22 women ready and raring to go, Steve had a great old speech to put our heads in the right place.

Whistle blows, game begins, hand offs persue. It’s was clear that Hitchin we’re going to be our toughest game this season. With a strong scrum through out the game and excellent pressure Hackney we’re really starting to feel the pressure. After not having a game for three weeks it was evident that the lack of time on the pitch had taken its toll on our general moral. Half way into the first half Hitchin found a gap in our defensive line and securely scored their first try which really started to get our adrenaline going. Hackney started to pick up and a great try was scored by Niketa.

Half time came and Steve followed with a healthy bollocking. Whistle blows with even scores and there is everything to play for. A few switches to the team and we were ready to do. With 15 minutes to go on the clock both teams were edging nearer and nearer to the try line Hackney had a brilliant defensive line knocking back Hitchin from the Hackney try line to the 22. This was followed by a fantastic interception and and steal from MC securely passed to Niketa gaining another try for Hackney. Unfortunately that was our last hurrah for the match as a further try was scored by Hitchin. Luckily they didn’t convert so we were still 2 points ahead. With a last minute change to the scrum, poor communication and panicked positioning hitching found a further gap to exploit and secured a 5 point lead ahead of us.

Everyone says that you are as great as the last game you played, good thing this isn’t the end of it. May this day forever be the day that Hackney lost their last game!