To quote the great Chumbawumba ‘I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down.’ And so, dear reader, the Griffins hoped to recover from their schooling by Harpenden with a win at Enfield. After a short detour around a car park and over a fence courtesy of our resident Enfield expert Adam Murphy Hackney arrived.

The game began positively with 10 minutes of possession and territory for Hackney with the forwards offering big carries. However, it was a case of two steps forward and one back with the Griffins displaying an uncanny knack of dropping the ball at the most inopportune moment, leaving with with no points. It was then that Enfield struck, playing a high tempo attacking game and scoring 8 unanswered points. Things were looking grim for Hackney at half time, compounded by Al O’Hara being taken off with an acute stitch after making a break.

The second half began as badly as the first ended with replacement fly half Joe Askham being sent to the bin for taking a player, tipping him up and pouring him out. With no more recognised 10’s in the team and this writer’s offer to fill in being refused winger Ultan Murphy stepped up. Tim’s decision was probably vindicated as Murphy then proceeded to sink two penalties making it 6-8.

What then occurred was a flurry of yellow cards with two of their players being binned. We’re all still trying to work out what the first binning was for but no matter, Hackney took advantage. Sean Connor obviously thought he was trying out for the nearby Enfield Town FC and hacked the ball through after an opposition handling error. After a number of ricochets Connor collected his own kick for a questionable try. Murphy continued the kicking duties slotting the conversion and a subsequent penalty meaning the Griffins now led 13-8 with around 20 minutes to go.

With the Griffins looking like they finally had the momentum captain for the day Lawrence Mills then proceeded to earn himself a 10 minute breather for side entry to a ruck. However Hackney held out the 10 minutes, even adding another 3 points in the process. 8 points up and with 10 minutes to go with Enfield attacking Hackney were having flashbacks of the HAC game. However two more hacked through tries from Connor and Murphy meant a 28-8 win for the Griffins.

It was not a pretty win but it was the win that we needed after the Harpenden episode. Honourable mentions go to Nicolas Gregor and Leo Glass for their debuts. Both were willing carriers and the scrum was shored up when Glass was brought on.

Next we welcome Tabard to Spring Hill in two weeks’ time.