The less that is said about Sundays game the better, so this will be very brief.

We were all late (except Susa’s Car) so had less than 45 mins to warm up, I was still in the toilet when the starting whistle went.

We chose to play a forward’s heavy game on 4G which was both painful and stupid (I think I can count on one had the number of times our 11, 13 and 14 got the ball).

We had 4 injuries (and a yellow card) in the first half and changed the back line at least 10 times: Gen played 10, 9, 10 even though we had a replacement 9 on the side-line (unsurprisingly she looked fairly dazed after the game).

We apparently don’t know the rules of a league which lead to a very embarrassing argument on the pitch and a load of confusion.

We have started, not only failing to compete in their scrums, but now consistently losing our own.

However, Gen got a great try (a proper forward’s try), Annette played a cracking game, schooling all the Gladies in body position and Caroline used her blitz defence to keep the score a lot lower than it could have been.

Battersea were a good team but we were also pretty rubbish and 4th in the league table feels awful!

But, at least we can only go up from here…