T’was the last match before Christmas, when all on the pitch

Not a Gladie was hurting, not even a stitch

The kits had been washed by Slaw with care

And there were hopes that Cuffley’s strength wouldn’t be there


 The warm-up was focused and back line wide spread

Visions of tries and big tackles danced in the Gladies heads

The ref blew his whistle and Cuffley kicked off

The fans settled in for a scoreless first half


Well into the second the backs got the ball

Out wide to Niketa, faster then she is tall

Away down the pitch she flew in a flash

Kicking the ball for a 80 meter dash


The Gladies took the lead and got a second wind

But the Cuffly fifteen (14?) wouldn’t be dimmed

They fought hard to the line with the egg ball

A Cuffley try was scored, not converted, 5-all


Even with Gen at scrum half, so lively and quick,

The Gladies knew in a moment they must use the 10’s kick

Lineout after lineout the Gladies lift to the sky

Whether its missiles or guns listen to the fly!


 "Now, Lamees! now, Lang! now, Balgees and Grabecki!

On, Annettet! On, Ella! on, Kat K and Emma!

To the top of the pitch! To the top of the pitch!

Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"


The plan didn’t work and the ball was turned over

But the hackney Gladies kept their composure

The defence was strong, but a penalty given

Cuffley awarded a tri, converted, add seven


A new Gladie on the field, one substitute

Up the pitch towards the line Hackney did shoot

Unsuccessful down the back line

Knock on, match at full time


Although not a Win, the Gladies all pleased

A full round of pints earned thought the captain Lamees

In the end Miriam and Emily Lang awarded players of the game