The game against Kilburn Cosmos started for most of us on the Saturday when both Hackney Gladies and Kilburn Cosmos had ended up at the same casting for the new 'this girl can' campaign. When hackney had walked into their casting they were faced with a panel of people who had just spoken to Kilburn about their highly anticipated game on Sunday against Hackney. When Kilburn were asked how the game will go on Sunday it was reported that they would 'smash them because they had won several games against hackney before'. We all knew to take this with a pinch of salt and It took a mere 24 hours for those words to be digested and challenged by the Gladies who victoriously channelled their competitive spirit in the best way that they knew possible...WINNING!! 

It was an extremely close game for both teams who were well and truly out of breath throughout. Hackneys biggest challenge today was waking up within the first 10 minutes and not being the 'second half team' which we are renowned for! Given that they had already had their first win of the game (the coin toss) the victory was well and truly continued with a great try scored within the first 3 minutes by Alice Goss. As someone who had just come back from injury it was great to see she hadn't lost any of her talent with that fragment of bone! Justine had wonderfully converted the strategically placed ball (under the post) putting us 7 points ahead at the start of the game! Great team effort all round. 

Kilburn had followed through on their demise and switched their game on to full pelt and scored an excellent try that was well and truly deserved! 

With 15 minutes left on the clock before half time the Gladies captain demanded that the team score atleast two more tries before half time which was a little ambitious but put hackneys focus back on the main aim of the game today walking away with our heads held high! Unfortunately as focused as our forwards were a cleverly devised maul within Kilburns possession sucked in the majority of our forwards allowing them to have a quick ball off the maul and score a try. Morale was dampened but not down! With 3 minutes left on the clock before half time hackney had nothing left to do but gain the ball back after kick off and maybe use our fantastic winger Miss Akintade? Once our game plan was decided a fantastic steal from Alice Smith saw her running the width of kilburns defencive line and popping the ball off to Niketa who wonderfully scored under the goal post to once again make Justine's life a little easier!! Once the conversion was gained we were 2 points ahead of Kilburn at half time and the score remained this way until the game was called at 60 minutes. 

The entire game saw excellent team work on both sides but as captain I was specifically proud and fond of the Gladies team work today! Our last try was one that couldn't have been done alone under any circumstances and a was a great way to end our scoring mission.

60 minutes into the game Louise our prop had safely taken the ball off the nine and was more than prepared to take contact and present. However soft ground + awkward foot placing caused a piercing sound none of us can eradicate and resulted in a massive injury to the ankle. Given that this was Louisa's third game with us, there is a large sad hole in all ours hearts for a girl so kind and tangeable to have a break this early on into the season and I know I speak for all of us when I say we can't wait to have you back! 

At this point the game was called with both teams doing everything in their power to keep her warm and distracted. A massive thank you to our hosts today for quick dialling, shipping her as the queen she was into the club house and all round amazing team spirit! 

As much as this was a win for hackney it was definitely a win for Kilburn who had brought their A game to the field today.

Kilburn are always a great team to play against as they have a long standing history with us dating back to 2011 and it was great to play the same lovely, friendly, focused and devoted team that we are used to facing. 

The score line truly reflects the determination of both teams today and who knows what would have happened in the last 10 minutes, it may have been a totally different story. One thing that wouldn't have changed is the attitude, integrity, devotion, team spirit and general great sportsmanship that was witnessed today. HATS OFF TO ALL!