It was a misty afternoon as the Gladies trudged their way down the hill on All Hollow’s Eve, Eve. Despite some of Gladies still fashioning the previous night’s blood and gore, we were excited for our first home game of the season. So were the spectators who showed up in their masse

Long term this is unlikely to work (eventually the other team in the league are going to pay someone to break her little legs). Instead we went with another game plan called get the ball to the 5-meter line and then everyone attempts to score until we get turned over/knocked on/mauled to death. This was a less successful game plan and something, Gladies, we need to make sure we never do again!


We were slightly better in the second half- luckily their ten kicked a penalty to Niketa, turns out they were implementing a similar game plan, and she scored yet again. Justine converted. The rest of the second half was the Gladies learning that if you passed the ball the chances of scoring a try were much higher. A lesson learnt from them we they scored early in the second half, evening the score.


In the final nail biting 5 mins the Gladies almost scored a number of times, but just couldn’t seem to get it right. Luckily we listened to the deafening screams of “get it out wide’ from the side line, allowing Niketa to score her hat-trick.


Despite the negative tone of this report there were some good aspects of the game. Obviously we won (always good), Gen played an amazing debut game at 9, our two new props, Leonie and Bee played a stormer, the return of Meeson (you have been missed) meant that three of the founding Gladies were on the pitch, Ruby is back and Slaw has realised giving up rugby was stupid.


Forward of the match went to Ella, she wasn’t allowed the pint though because she was hungover. Back of the match was Niketa because she did most of the running. Player of the Match was international actress Genevieve Barr, who looks cracking even in a