Since the beginning the relationship between The Gladies and Hampstead 2's has been a friendly, generous and intensely competitive. Over the years we have tousled a number of times, I like to think the gladies have proven the superior side (except for that time I gave all the players the wrong address, Meeson overslept and I made my sister play with a broken arm). Either way it is always a tough game. 

Despite this we were pretty cocky warming up on Sunday. Hampstead have had some pretty big losses this season. We were expecting a nice relaxing day in the sunshine. Just before KO a foreboding storm cloud appeared plunging the pitch into darkness leaving gen running for a beanie.

It was obvious from the start that they trained with their first team, there rucking was far superior. Despite an excellent drop kick from Justine to start which was knocked on (all credit to Sagan's training on Wednesday) they turned us over almost straight away. What followed was scrappy rugby from the Gladies. We made huge tackles in defence keeping them back but every time we got the ball stupid mistakes meant we were going nowhere.

Finally, a genius piece of communication between flanker, Ella and scrum half, Susanna lead to a try, a pass to the blind side of a ruck. Instead of celebrating the try we got a well deserved dressing down from Sagan. It was time to start playing proper rugby. So we did.

We started the second half with 13 players (due to an unfortunate yellow card and poor Louisa getting concussion after a very brilliant tackle) but we started a different team. Every player on the pitch took on the responsibility for covering the missing players. Luckily we were back up to 14 pretty quickly and started scoring tries. The second try came from an 8 pick up on a 5 meter scrum. A brilliantly timed pass to Justine at 10 allowed her to smash through their line to score. The third try I don't remember but the final try was from our extremely brilliant winger Niketa who had been penned in most of the game. Finally a beautiful pass from Gen allowed Niketa to perform her magic with a score between the post.

For the Gladies to play most of the game one player down and not concede a try is testimony to the awesome defensive play that every Gladie showed. We were brilliant and even when the ref gave us the opportunity to call it 2 minutes from the end, Lameeze opted to play it out in true Gladie spirit. 

Special mention should go to the Hackney props, Billie and Louisa who held their own despite having a combined weight of a quarter of one of their props. Miriam also had a stormer, playing 12 'as it should be played' with some beautiful lines. Back of the match went to Susanna who played scrum half under tough circumstances (we need to do some work on our rucking). Forward of the match was me cause i made such a big deal out of being exhausted that everyone assumed i was doing lots of work.