After what seemed an eternity the Gargoyles made their return to Fortress Springhill to continue their charge up the Herts/Middlesex table with Datchworth the next team to attempt to spoil an unbeaten season.

A disrupted start was made to Coach Whitlocks preparations with many of the squad turning up when they felt like it. However, warm up complete and with words of wisdom and motivation from Skipper Worth still ringing in their ears Hackney received the ball from the kick off secured possession at the ruck and proceeded to break the line through Cian, this was supported by Dan Worth who with 40m in front of him and only 20 seconds made the wise choice of putting Dan Aylward in for the first score of the day swatting the floppy haired Datch’ Scrum half in the process.

It is at this point the clarity of the punditry begins to waiver, sadly not through drunken celebrations, and thankfully not through head injury, but a lesson to be learned that it is a pain in the arse when you leave writing this till Thursday and have been gently reminded by Chancellor Davies that ‘it still hasn’t been done yet.’

Alas we will try and at least make it sound realistic. The next 20minutes continued in a positive manor for the gentlemen of Hackney, The back three of Charlie Williams, Ollay and James Rowbottom were feasting on the aimlessly fired clearance kicks produced from Hackney pressure and soon the score was 17-0 with Ollay and Charlie crossing in quick succession. As the home team continued to dominate through the tireless efforts of Bentley, Cian, Chamberlain and Layaird the referee started to even up affairs with an increasing number of penalties at the breakdown, as well as a rather harsh one given for a superb double tackle by Ben and Tom who were only prevented from wrapping their arms around the ball carrier due to him hitting the deck too fast for his own good.

Around this time Datch scored 1 possibly 2 tries but there is little need to dwell as Hackney tied up Try of the Season. Another turnover saw the ball moved quickly from left to right, 3vs2 became 2v1 as the ball moved through the Hackney backline with the ball doing the work it was a thing of beauty as it played out, “King to Aylward This is great stuff. Rowbottom covering. Chased by the Datchworth 13!. Brilliant! Oh, that's brilliant! Aylward, Rowbottom, Charlie William. great dummy. To Luke Leyland, the 10m line! Brilliant by Leyland! This is Charlie Davis! What a score! Oh, that fellow Davis” (Tom Jepps 2016 Commentating from the side line)

“If the greatest writer of the written word would have written that story, no one would have believed it. That really was something”. ( Chancellor Davis post try scoring with a tear in his eye)

The second half saw Hackney step off the gas a combination of tackles beginning to be missed and an increasingly high penalty count saw Hackney go tit for tat with tries with the opposition. Ben Chamberlain scoring from a forward orientated ‘thing’ was followed by quick ball from debutant Will Kennard and Charlie King to see Ollay go in for his 8th of the season. A try in the final 3 minutes by Datch made life nervier then it needed to be for Hackney bringing the score line to what many in the team to be ‘within 7’. However this nervousness was laid to rest when Dan Worth broke the line to deliver a deft chip past the fullback allowing Charlies Williams and Davis to combine for the later to score his first brace since his debut season back in 99’ Final score 41-29 if you believe Charles King, 39 -12 if you believe the referee.