Inspired by an action packed weekend of Rugby World Cup watching and with the sun shining, the Hackney Ladies descended upon East London's home turf ready to pay pack the physical lesson received as a final send off to the end of season 2014/2015.

Acting captain Kat Barber got the girls in the zone whilst getting ready with some motivational beats, whilst injured captain Emily Ryan ran around like a mad woman wondering where 3 of our players were.

Walking onto the pitch to warm up for an unexpected 12 a side match the girls looked sharp. Once the referee finally arrive and East London stopped moaning about the lack of numbers from Hackney, we were on our way.

Physical was the word of the day, with loads of big hits and tackles being evident early in the game. Some messy rucks and questionable ball handling from both sides meant Hackney had to stand their defensive ground early. New number 8, Kate Davidson was up for the challenge though with some strong attacking runs keeping East London on their toes. Unfortunately East London got their defence together and after a turn over ball, were quickly attacking hard giving Hackney all sorts of grief defending their 22. Eventually East London's perseverance won out, and a try was scored. 

Not to be deterred, Hackney held up under immense pressure from East London. For some time it was a topsy turvy affair, turn over after turn over due to the physicality of both teams. Sarah Lawrence continued to get to every break down and ruck like an animal, Kate Davidson did not stop attacking East London's defensive line all day, and debuting fly half Laurie Ranft kept giving her centres in Claire Grimshaw and Jaime Ho every opportunity to punch holes in the East London defence.

Unfortunately East London managed to find the overlap resulting in another try for the home team.

Once play restarted Hackney were on the attack. A cheecky pop from Claire Grimshaw to Lamess Yousif resulted in a three way East London head clash. The three girls came off looking like they had just been in a boxing match, but once play resumed and an uncontested scrum followed another brilliant run was made from Kate Davidson resulting in a well deserved try to Hackney. 

East London managed to reorganise themselves after the shell shock of a try and substituting more players at once than a 7s match. Immense pressure again resulted in Hackney having to defend hard in their own 22. Some messy rucks resulted in a scrum, and although the idea was there to kick the ball up field to relieve some pressure, a miss kick and quick thinking from East London resulted in another try to the home team.

17 - 5 at half time and some work to be done by Hackney.

Hackney were brave in the second half as East London stepped up in not only their physicality on the game, but their clinical rugby skills like rucking, tackling, and line outs. Hackney were on the back foot, and after some contentious calls saw the score blow out to a margin that did not reflect the endeavour of the girls. Hackney were not going to be the national Japanese rugby team on this sunny afternoon.

Pride was never a question and the 12 girls fought hard. Credit to East London who kept us on our toes with plenty of work to be done before our next clash with Barnes in a couple of weeks.