Let's hope this season doesn't come down to points difference. 

Fresh from two nail biters in the opening games of the season, Hackney were hoping for something a bit more comfortable and the omens were good in the first half. St Albans early ill discipline allowed Hackney to pile on the pressure and O'Hara slotted the easiest of penalties to open up a 3-0 lead. The rest of the first half is best summarised via a series of statistics:

Hackney possession percentage: 97%
Time spent in St Alban's 22: 3 1/2 hours
Number of try scoring opportunities butchered: 426
Half time score: 3-0

The half time assumptions were that St Albans would tire, Hackney would start finishing off some tries, maybe England would put in a performance, stay in the World Cup and that we would see aeronautically inclined swine above Spring Hill. 

The second half started well enough with a trademark trundle from you know who and a 8-0 lead to Hackney.

From that point on, Hackney entered 'nail biter' mode. The key characteristic of this mode is an inability to hold on to a lead for more than 2 minutes. Two unconverted tries from St Albans put them in the lead for the first time in the game as they showed no sign of tiring whatsoever. If anything, the Saint's runners were running harder (and louder). Oooosh!

Staying on the right side of the ref was paying dividends for Hackney however, as O'Hara slotted another penalty to retake the lead 11-10. Another opportunity on the 10 metre line was calmly slotted as Hackney opened up a 14-10 lead with 7 mins to play. All that was required was a calm restart and exit and Hackney would surely see out the victory. Speaking as an authority on knock-ons I can say that the kick off was very difficult to catch. From the resulting scrum, St Albans were able to build more pressure and score the try that gave them what seemed like a decisive 15-14 lead. But this Hackney side has a never-say-die spirit, despite the captain admitting after the game that he thought we'd lost it at this point. 

Marching up the field and recovering the ball, Hackney earned another penalty and O'Hara stepped up with his recently purchased gorilla cohones to slot the winning kick. 

Some final statistics for Marcus to include in his post game analysis:

Total carries by Mike Ward: 672
Total line outs stolen: pretty much every single one
Number of new nicknames: 1 - "The Butcher of Brockley"
Hackney season points difference: +5