The day started well with cries of glee (except from Kat B who was denied the seats at front of the DLR) at a working London transport system, turning up to Millwall’s home ground with plenty of time to spare Hackney Ladies started to warm up. What we hadn’t expected was to be greeted by the somewhat confusing array of Oktoberfest themed music, grown men in lederhosen and germanically dressed bar maids. 20 minutes to kick off Millwall had 9 ½ players and no ref, Hackney’s very own Dan Worth (Not to be confused with a somewhat similar looking Matt Hanton!) stepped up to the challenge. So after agreeing to drop flankers and a winger and giving them the a couple of the finest players Hackney can offer the game began...

Sagan had one objective for us – smash them in the 1st 20 minutes and that we did…

A knock on from Millwall gave us our 1st uncontested scrum, straight out to the backs where Paula scored her 1st try.

Ryno – Try

Maria – Try

Sarah B – Try

Meeson Try x 2

Sarah B – Try


Vanya – Try

(Nope no conversions, even with the threat of having to buy beer!!)

Second Half

Ryno – Try x 3

Sarah B – Try

CONVERSION! – Maria (After previous failed attempts from Ryno, Captain Barber and Abi G)

Abi G – Try

Ruby – Try x 2


Paula – Try

Abi G – Try

Yes there were a lot of tries, 17 in fact. But this was only possible thanks to some fantastic rugby played. A big shout out has to go to all the girls, who from the first whistle put in so much effort, along with Sonja, Abigail Buttery for joining Millwall in the 1st half and Meeson and Kat K for the 2nd.

Man of the match goes to Ellie Boyce who, as Sagan put it, played out of her skin (still not really sure what that’s means!).

So we scored some try’s, did a bit of kicking, danced to dodgy German/Scottish themed music and drank some beer -Thanks to Ryno and her many conversions. Pretty good Sunday all round, same again next week girls?