This was the Gladies last friendly before the start of the league season and, thankfully, it was finally a game of 15's with contested scrums.

The first half started well with the Gladies retaining possession before Charley Miller surprised East London by kicking through their line across the try line with Genevieve Barr right behind it to touch down for a try.

The Gladies continued their pressure, but, East London took advantage of too many numbers getting sucked into the breakdowns and had a few breakaways around the outside. Despite Genevieve making a few try saving tackles, the third time was a charm for EL who stretched across the line to even it up.

This gave EL the boost they needed and they scored two more before the halftime whistle would blow, but not before some new Gladies, Paula White and Abigail Grove, showed how tough they are running some great lines with ball in hand and making some good tackles.

The second half started much like the first with the Gladies putting EL on the backfoot and staying within their 22 for the first 15 minutes. Unfortunately, despite all of the pressure, we couldn't convert it into any points.

EL then scored 2 more tries before the best played rugby of the day came from the entire Gladies team with great rucking and passing through almost the entire team's hands before Sarah Barber put it down for 5 more points.

It was a scrappy game with some people playing well out of their usual position (especially those trying to figure out the new scrum calls) but the cobwebs should be well cleared in time for our upcoming match vs Thames.

Player of the match goes to Paula White, playing her first game of rugby. She made some strong tackles and ran straight through a number of the opposition with ball in hand.

Brick of the week, without a doubt, goes to Genevieve Barr for making 4 try saving tackles plus many more.