As has happened all to much this season Hackney decided to give a buffer to the visiting team by shipping an early try, admittidly against the run of play but once again it left a hole that had to be dug out of.

Some strong running and hard hitting from both sides characterised the rest of the match but a penalty kicked to the corner enabled Hackney to work a beautiful rolling maul (and yes they can be beautiful) A clean take by Chamberlain in the middle of the line was initially set up, but sacked, quick thinking and quicker hands ensued the maul was kept alive. Cunningham carefully steered from the back with his usual gutteral gusto and undulated over the line for Hackneys only score of the game.

The rest of the game descended into trench warfare with occasional breaks that just weren't put away. O'Hara put Rowbottom into space on the halfway line beautifully, everyones thoughts turned to the fragility of the full backs ham strings but for once they held together up to the five metre line where a cover tackle stopped him mere feet from glory. The offload bounced innocently over the line and the chance was gone. This oppitomised Hackneys luck in the final third.

Parity was evident with chances squandered by both sides...until the last 20 when every kick bounced the wrong way and every crazy offload the Belsize pack threw stuck. Some flair rugby at the death resulted in a flattering scoreline to the boys from Belsize.