For some reason we are playing this team 3 times this season, which will be three opportunities to smash them!

Smash is maybe excessive to describe what happened Saturday. They got one up on us pretty much straight away with a try in the first 2 minutes against a disorganised Gladies team. After a stern talking to from Sagan we decided to sort it out. However poor hands and an apparently inexperienced (although substantially bigger) opposition front row did a lot of damage. We spent most of the first half defending, Mary and Kat K making try saving tackles on our line.

We started the second half knowing that they were very beatable team, so that’s what we did. In all ways we were better. Kat B won all her lineouts and a few of theirs. Our scrums were smooth, VD managing to hook their balls as well (even after the ref clocked on to her lifting her leg). The backs made some great lines and Bersi playing at fullback eliminated any advantages to their kicking game. Finally we got some points, tries came from two cross field kicks from Charley (the most beautiful kicks i have ever seen) both scored by Chantelel who played a corker on the wing.

MOTM went to our captain Sarah Barber who played a stormer, with some massive tackles.

It was a game of two halves. Gladies how about next time we only play the second one?!