"fighting each other for a ball with a strange oval shape"

The current league leaders, and fellow promoted side Welwyn journed to ventured to Hackney on a bitter cold day, although dry, the pitch had taken a hammering from the weather in the previous 7 weeks.

An early break from Charlie Williams returning from his long layoff, reminded all those in his presence of his pace. Good hands from both backs and forwards set him off on his timed dash towards the line.

Hackneys set piece was firing on all cylinders, the scrum solid and the lining out firing on all cylinders - Patches dominance at the front almost constantly overwhelmed the Visitors put in.

Andy Owen broke down the left wing after good forward's slog in the fringes of the hackney half to see his way under the posts.

A penalty was the sides only other score of the first half.
The driving seat wasn't as comfortable in the second half, Welwyn crossing twice though the hackney defence. Hackney's subs helped find the next gear - with a huge impact coming from the Briggs to liven up the pack and continue the dominance of the Line out and Maul, Mark Nunn putting massive pressure on restarts and Declan with blistering pace scourging the weary Welwyn wings.

The Gogs control wasn't converted to points easily though, coming near the brink too often, a O'Driscoll-esque* offload from the captain to a thundering Andy Owen was deemed to be intouch, Mark Hilsdon and Mark Nunn both denied breaks among other near misses - most spectacularly being Griffins dash though the mid feild, being halted by an ankle tap, was surely away otherwise.

Will Roberts & Sam Tivoi also hammered their way over the line to confirm Hackneys win.

2013, lets go!

*toung firmly in cheek